Revelation Today
Coming to Kansas City March 2018

What is Revelation Today?

Revelation Today is a dynamic series that focuses on the prophecies of the Bible — especially the book of Revelation — as it relates to people living in the 21st century. Life is short. At times, disappointing. It often seems as if the rat-race is about to overtake us. But the prophecies of the Bible reveal that behind the headlines and ancient plan is being fulfilled. Get the most out of life! A new day is dawning. Don’t miss Revelation Today in Kansas City.
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Where will Revelation Today be held?

Revelation Today is being held at the Reardon Convention Center located at 500 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101.
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When will the series begin?

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Do I need to register or sign up in advance?

No. Revelation Today is open to all guests without any charge and without prior registration. However, in order to save time at the registration line, you may pre-register by filling out the online registration form or by calling (913) 802-4020.